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Monday, 23 April 2012

All in 1 minute !!! ♥ !!!

I look at the clock,
it says 1:41,
i knw thinking of u,
i"ll nvr be done,

u run through my mind,
and occupy all my time,
wondering why u're gone,
And why u're not mine,

Ii think of u constantly,
for some reason i cant stop,
knwing that for always,
u'll forever have my heart,

My days go by so slow,
coz u run through my head,
i said I'd love u forever,
isn't that enough said,

U also haunt my dreams,
if u knw what i mean,
i wake up often,
with sweats and screams,

why do i sleep by myself,
I'm alone in my bed,
i knw I'll be thinking of u,
till the day i am dead,

Now still all these thoughts,
just run through my brain,
cant stop thinking of Princess,
i think i'm going insane,

i feel i wanna kill myself,
people say thats not what to do,
but i turn and look at the clock,
and it says it's only 1:42....!! :( :( 

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