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Monday, 2 April 2012

First Look : Stunning 'Titanic 3D'

The James Cameron's spectacular new 3D version of "Titanic'' is everything I hoped for, and more. Attending one of Tuesday night's Valentine Day screenings around the world in New York, I had a great appreciation of how judiciously and subtly Cameron used 3-D technology to make a great film greater.
Cameron, who has been critical of post-conversion of conventionally filmed movies to 3-D, has obviously taken great care in using the technology to enhance the experience of watching his 1997 Oscar winner. Though "Titanic'' is half an hour longer than his "Avatar,'' I found it less of a strain on the eyes.
The 3D in "Titanic'' is more effective than in most films that were originally filmed in the process. It adds depth and makes the vastness of the titular ship, its decks and corridors look even larger and longer.
But Cameron also uses it to place emphasis on many smaller key objects, like Kate Winslet's necklace and the axe she uses on Leonardo DiCaprio's handcuffs. Winslet's suicide attempt is even more chilling in three dimensions.
The already-spectacular effects in the long sinking sequence look even more breathtaking in 3-D. It helps that Cameron originally filmed "Titanic'' in a relatively classic style, so there are fewer of those quick cuts that can be so jarring in 3-D, which requires more time for your brain to process edits.
Winslet's voluptuous figure in 3-D is one of the most magical effects -- along with DiCaprio's climactic slide into the depths, wonderfully rendered stereotypically.
The spectacular "Titanic 3-D" opens in the United States on April 4 -- eight days before the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

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